Business landline and mobile transfer – How can it help your business?

Business Landline

Not all landlines are made equal; in fact, your landline is customized depending on your telephone provider’s technology and other configuration preferences available. One of this is the call routing or call mobile

Forwarding calls to another number can improve your availability; especially for business owners who are away on vacation or business trip. To forward calls to your landline or business mobile, you must check with your landline service provider to confirm that your subscription comes with a call forwarding option.

As technology evolves, it is now possible to utilize remote call forwarding features in order to route your most important calls anywhere you may be in the world easily. Your service provider will know what specific restraints, if any, your current call forwarding capabilities will have while you are abroad or on areas where the use of analog telephone is still an established norm.

In the UK, call forwarding is often included in your basic phone package as well as in most business mobile solutions. Mobile call forwarding is likewise a widely opted alternative where it can be initiated by subscribers without any hassles. The moment there’s a problem with your mobile device, your carrier can reroute incoming calls to another point of termination at the request of the client until such time said issue has been resolved. The same holds true for landline subscribers who want to reroute calls to a mobile number in case there is a problem with the landline, and vice versa.


Advantages of Call Forwarding For Businesses

  1. Enjoy being incognito as you do not have to reveal your mobile number to anyone who in the first place doesn’t need to know.
  2. You can conveniently decide when a caller is routed to your mobile phone, i.e. day of the week, specific hours of the day, or they get a busy tone like when unanswered after a number of call attempts, etc.
  3. Incoming callers are charged exactly the same fees irrespective of what device the call is routed to, i.e. landline or mobile phone.
  4. Get to publish or give away only one telephone number.
  5. Take advantage of the competitive offers of other business mobile solutions and change your contract with another provider without worrying about losing your mobile number, you can easily redirect it to your new mobile number.
  6. Keep a strong, yet very professional image for you and your business.


Be Available At All Times

One of the main advantages of call forwarding is that it provides your customers the chance to reach you or your employees when you are not in the business premises.

You can have your business phone calls routed to your home number or any mobile phone number of your choice, so someone will pick up all your important calls even if you are not around.

The call forwarding feature is designed to call a series of numbers until such time it eventually gets an answer. In theory, this practice makes you or your staff available to potential customers every time.

Call forwarding technologies allow the use of various numbers where you can set up a personalized voice message to assure customers that their calls will be promptly attended to.

Staying Mobile

As the call forwarding feature can conveniently port calls to the entrepreneur’s mobile phone, it essentially boosts the business owner’s mobility without having a negative impact on communications as well as overall business operations. In effect, it will be easier for merchants to travel and not worry about missing out on an important business call.

Stay ‘Virtually Present’ At All Times

Call forwarding enables entrepreneurs the opportunity to expand their virtual presence by offering potential customers a variety of contact numbers that are forwarded towards the same central location. How can you achieve this? Simple, customers can contact your toll-free number and it will be forwarded to your main business phone line where a customer representative will attend to in order to take business calls for you or your business.

A lot of customers will surely choose this over calling a long distance number which will entail other extra charges and may leave a bad impression that your business is not as technologically competitive as the rest of the world.

Subsequently, there are several factors to consider when keeping your landline number, but always be sure to check with your service provider for business mobile solutions that will ensure that your service will not be interrupted in case of any untoward occurrences like a power outage, inclement weather, etc. Hence, the need for call forwarding option for your business landline or mobile plan.

Landline services still remain a practical business tool to have around in any business, and they serve their purpose especially, if there is poor cellular signal, poor call quality, dropped calls, dead batteries, or in cases of lost mobile phones. Although this particular service may not be available in your area, or in your home phone plan, contact your local phone service provider for possible pertinent business mobile solutions they can offer.

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