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Business telephone systems are widely used today regardless of the size or kind of business that one is engaged in. The question is what kind of telephone system that a person should choose? There are different kinds of business telephone systems that a business may prefer; here are four main telephone system options that can help solve your communication needs.

First is the KSU-less. This is the most popular option if the business is just starting or if the business is not too big. This telephone system is cheaper than all other systems available today. The KSU-less telephone system includes features like program-enabled telephone and it has a portable style. It also doesn’t require a cabinet or KSU to transfer or route calls. However, there are potential disadvantages in using this telephone. If the company is planning on future expansion or growth, this is not recommended. KSU-less telephone systems are not compatible with private branch exchange (PBX) or the key systems. As such, one will shoulder a lot expenses just to upgrade it. Another disadvantage is that the KSU-less systems are not supported by telecommunication companies. This means that you will be the one that will do all the installation, setup, maintenance, and other electronic concerns. This is only recommended for businesses with less than ten employees.

Second is the key telephone system. This system is suitable for a business with at least ten but not more than forty employees. This is also great for small businesses like KSU-less because the cost is cheap. The good thing about key system is that its components may be upgraded with ease and has many functions available. Also, unlike KSU-less telephone systems, you won’t have a hard time installing or maintaining this because there are many telecoms or phone system providers that cater this kind of system.

Third is the private branch exchange or the PBX phone system. This is appropriate for companies and business with more than forty employees. The cost of this kind of system is higher than other systems because of scaling, and the number of employees using this. However, not because its more expensive doesn’t mean that it is not commensurate to your business. Through the PBX system, if there are more employees that are using the telephone, the costs per employee will be lesser than those having smaller business with small number of employees. The advantage of this system is that it is flexible and has many features that other systems do not have. The upgrade is simple, the ways are cost-efficient, and the increase in extensions line is easy.

Fourth is the voice over internet protocol or pbx system or VOIP. This is a phone system that uses the internet. Instead of using regular telephone lines or landlines, one can use the internet connection to talk to a client, or to do business. This is a great alternative to key systems and KSU-less telephone systems if one is just using a small office.

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