Why Keep Your Business Landlines Instead of Ditching It?


business landlineAs mobile devices become increasingly popular these days, many began to turn their backs from their old and trusty business landline telephones. It was once forecasted that the moment mobile phones become prevalent in the telecoms market, everyone would surely start to abandon their respective landline telephones as mobile phones promise increased flexibility and more added perks.

Furthermore, it was also believed that the average entrepreneur would immediately cancel their business landlines subscription to save money when mobile phones become more affordable, instead of signing up for a new mobile contract and keep their business landlines which can lead to additional costs.

However, the truth revealed it’s otherwise. Even though there has been a substantial drop in the number of subscribers who have their residential as well as business landlines severed (which now accounts to twenty three million according to Ofcom), there are still a good number of people who prefer having both a mobile as well as landline for their communications.

The ultimate question now is why are there several people who decided to stick with their business landlines? There are a number of good reasons. One of the most important is the fact that while mobile services have indeed become the super gadget for several years now, they are still nevertheless far from being perfect. Accept it, your smartphone still can perform some computing tasks that you can only perform over the conventional laptop or desktop computer. Plus, there are still areas in the UK with dead spots, so no network means your mobile device will be rendered useless. For folks who are living in these areas and are actively doing business here, there is no choice but to resume the use of the always reliable business landline.

Yet another great reason to stick with your business landlines is to bid goodbye to any excessive charges from mobile operators for certain services which you can have otherwise cheap with the help of your business landlines. Take for instance voicemail messages, mobile phone service providers will charge you a fee for retrieving these messages, which is absolutely free if you have a landline and an answering machine. Why pay for a service feature when you can have it for free?

What’s more disappointing are the exorbitant charges from mobile phone carriers for placing calls to free phone numbers. When calling these numbers, you cannot expect for someone to immediately pick up, chances are you will be easily charged 10-20p a minute or perhaps more. So, eventually the costs can immediately add up when you are calling from a mobile device. But, with a landline telephone, calls to these kinds of numbers are absolutely free of charge.

Another important consideration many business entrepreneurs have to make is the per minute costs of every mobile call and the loss of their privilege of having their businesses listed in the telephone directory for free.  All these are holding back many business owners from finally cutting the cord. Businesses want to be reachable at all times 24/7, if possible. Mobile phone numbers for business are not only unprofessional; they are a lot less reliable compared to a business landline contact.

Keeping business landlines as your main backup can be a huge life-saver for businesses, especially in times when an important call has to be made and you are running out of load, battery, or you are on a dead spot. Lastly, the costs for keeping a landline and making calls are not as steep as you would in a mobile device.

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