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One of the most popular virtual mobile operators is Virgin Media; the company has been in business for some time now, and now they are introducing a new bundle that includes a smartphone plan, TV, and broadband in one easy to pay price of £35.

Not too long ago, Virgin Media has confirmed that it launch a brand new range of bundles that will comprise of the first authentic ‘quad-play’ package in the UK today. The package will start a low cost of £35 with a mobile SIM and will be marketed under names such as Big Kahuna and Big Bang.

With this bundle, subscribers can get unlimited calls and texts however, this does not include data, that applies to VIP Tariffs, which do not form part of the brand new bundles. Prior to today, it all looked like BT will be the first network provider to go all in, after it capped a deal with EE to offer connectivity to its own brand of 4G network.

But the telecoms brand name is expected to roll out consumer packages later on for 2014; it will now market some time after one of its major competitors. It may even be pipped to the post by Sky, which is alleged to be exploring a deal with Vodafone. Virgin Media’s quad play bundles are now available on all existing subscribers and will be available for the rest of the UK sometime in June of this year.

Virgin Media’s brand spanking new Big Bundles combine TV service, broadband connection, landline, and a mobile contract rolled into one nifty 18 month long contract. This 4-part combination is known in the business as quad play. Virgin, BT, and Sky provide the triple-play bundles that consist of TV, landline, and broadband package; however Virgin is the first to throw in a mobile phone into the package.

The highest capacity of the brand new bundles being offered in UK now is what they called the Big Kahuna which is offered at the price of £50, where you get to have a 152MBPS broadband, a TiVo TV, and for your mobile device a 250MB data plan with unlimited calls and texts bundle. The other deal offering is called the Big Bang where for £35 a month you get a 100MBPS broadband, and if you are not interested with the mobile offer, you can get £5 slashed off the price.

Nevertheless, you need to throw in an additional £16 for the line rental apart from the fee that you will be paying, which all brings to a tune of £66 for the Big Kahuna or £51 for the Big Bang.

Compared to other mobile phone contracts, Virgin Media’s quad play contracts don’t include a mobile phone. The quad play bundle gives you SIM only mobile services, so you will still need a working handheld to be able to take advantage of these bundles. So, anyone contemplating on taking a quad play bundle must do some research and compare the stand along prices with the bundled costs prior to signing any long term contracts.

Virgin Media’s quad-play bundles are only open to existing Virgin Media customers for the next couple of weeks and will be available for everyone else from the end of May of this year.

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