Which PBX Telephone Systems Is Right For My Business?

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So, you have decided to use PBX telephone system for your business. But the question is which PBX telephone system is right for your kind of business?

Digital telephone and switchWhat is PBX?

PBX system is a typically utilized telecommunications system for many businesses today. PBX or Private Branch Exchanges is basically a gadget that connects the business phones within the public telephone system. If you want to know if PBX is expensive, get a business landline quotation from a reputable telecoms company. They will surely be more than happy to assist you with it.

The PBX hardware enables businesses to hook up their internal lines to each other and connect the lines to the public switched telephone network or PSTN, which is how a conventional business landline system works, or the internet, which is how your VoIP or voice over internet protocol operates.

The moment it operates the PBX system will route all incoming calls to the right extension. As there are many other functions integrated, you will find voicemail connections, automated greetings, conference calls, and even dialing menus and interface.

Advantages of a PBX System

More and more business organizations are installing PBX systems in their business. However, the question still stands: why would a business owner use PBX systems? What are the advantages of using one?

For those who are unfamiliar with PBX systems, you can refer to the following advantages on why you should switch to this kind of telecoms system:

  1. With a PBX, you are assured that your business will have one central company number that will give access to all company departments and employees. This helps streamline and organize the business making it appear professional to customers. No need to memorize long series of numbers, and it makes advertising your numbers in newspapers or yellow pages easy.
  1. You can conveniently place callers on hold and deal with their concerns or inquiries in a timely and professional way. Several important business calls are lost owing to a busy line and callers are often very impatient to even call you back. But with a caller on hold feature you can play music or play an important message about your business in the background. These messages can contain answer to their inquiries which immediately answers a calling customer’s concern that saves you time and ensure you never lose important business opportunities.
  1. PBX systems will provide you with a menu that comes with several options that direct callers how to proceed with their calls. Instead of going to the switchboard to connect a call, the caller himself can be connected to a specific extension or department easily without any further intervention. This saves caller their precious time and makes them familiar with the company. If a technical department is needed, they can easily get to the department without any problem.
  1. A PBX telephone system assigns designated employee a telephone extension within the organization. Calls may then be transferred from extension to another which prevents the cumbersome process of transferring calls to and from within the switchboard. Voicemail messages may be left on any extension for a specific employee or department. This saves time and assures customer satisfaction at all times.
  1. Conference calling is a great advantage that the PBX system provides which more and more businesses are using right now. With conference calling you can have multiple incoming calls to a single extension. With businesses going global, this is a perfect way to go international, or head to out of town meetings. Not to mention the fact that PBX system affords more time and helps any business save more money on logistics or in mobilizing employees to key locations for business. All that is required is for them to get together virtually and be on the phone where everyone can speak with each other.
  1. PBX systems can afford detailed call logs and system management of calls in absolutely real-time. With this system, you will be able to keep tabs on your business and make sure it is performing at its best. The best thing is it has the capability of adapting with the changing times and grow the company’s needs overall.

Business organizations utilizing traditional landline phone systems will use the hardware, which will be found within the company’s premises. Aside from these, PBX systems are compatible with landlines; you will also find IP PBX systems that work well with a VoIP phone system. Like your business landline, IP PBX systems are owned, maintained, and configured by the business itself.

The only difference is that the landline PBX systems connect the phone company’s copper wiring, whereas the IP PBX connects to the internet thru the VoIP provider. Furthermore, as the IP PBX systems is connected thru the World Wide Web, they may offer added features, like sending fax or voicemails to a denominated email.

If you are serious about your business, get a PBX system and business landline quotation to bring your company on the right track. Contact a reliable and reputable service provider for more information today.

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