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More and more businesses are taking their IT business processes and operations to the cloud. According to the brand new research from the Cloud Industry Forum, approximately 80% percentage of the UK businesses and organizations has now formally adopted at least one cloud-based service, which reveals exactly how far the market has come to embrace and accept these types of technological approaches in business.business-landline

Businesses are rapidly taking the majority of their IT operations into the cloud.  This is according to the brand new study conducted by the Cloud Industry Forum, where there are now eighty percent of the UK firms and organizations are using more and more of cloud services. The uptake among various start-ups businesses is much higher, with some reports showing that 95% percent or more of new businesses avoid incurring any IT purchasing expenditures for systems, software, and infrastructure.

Nevertheless, a lot of the cloud services being referred to here are web-hosted database apps or storage facilities, and it is clear why businesses benefit from moving their data requirements here. The only thing that surprises many people is their telephony. Cloud services have forever changed their business landline solutions.

It is not that unusual as a concept especially when you accept that ‘voice’ is merely digital data and the business landline solutions are yet another ‘app.’ So, who are the adopters, why are they adopting, and what are the benefits they are expecting from these cloud-based business landline solutions?

Daker Estates a London-based property company was using traditional business landline solutions, this was getting expensive and were of no value to the business when it come to functionality. Moreover, Daker Estates was looking to reduce telecoms expenditures. Like many companies in the property management sector, the business depends on the telephone, the internet, as well as word-of-mouth operates immensely to spread the word, promote, and advertise.

Subsequently, the property management firm has to be sure that its network and communication systems are on point or else they cannot run the business smoothly. For them to ensure the most efficient and effective communications with its clients and customers, Daker Estates has finally resorted to cloud telephony for their business landline solutions.

Daker preferred the degree of mobility the system affords, and they can call the office from anywhere in the world especially where there is Wi-Fi, and that the call quality is just as good as traditional landlines. The whole infrastructure allows them to connect, transfer calls easily with staff who are out of the office premises.

Pinnacle is another UK organisation reaping the benefits of adopting a cloud telephony system. Like Daker Estates, it relies on effective telecommunications for delivery of its service to customers, as well as for internal management of the business. With a workforce that accesses its business systems on the move and remotely across multiple office locations, or from home, it is critical to the business that staff can access data on the move, and from a range of devices and locations.

Pinnacle is a local business that is providing software solutions from 12 offices all over UK and Ireland and they have used cloud telephony to fully integrate its CRM and telecommunications systems in one and they find it more cost-effective communication that offers them greater functionality and flexibility.

It is evident that the more tech-savvy businesses are fast realizing that cloud telephony is now up for businesses to take, especially if this means getting rid of traditional landline phone systems in exchange for cost-effective and efficient business landline solutions.

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