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If you are establishing your business phone system for the first time and you are a small to medium enterprise (SME) with up to twenty users, we have outlined some of the major considerations you have to make for you to set-up your business phone systems.

Business Line Rental and Call Costs

Long term savings and costs are an important consideration when setting up a small business phone system. First, you may want to choose business landlines. Then you may want a business phone provider that will keep your rental fee as low as possible, but at the same time maintaining the service quality. The same goes for the usage of the line as the least you want to worry about is your expensive overheads. Always look for a business phone system provider that can handle and cover all your communications needs, and any future telecoms upgrade that you will undertake as you expand your business later on.

Business Landlines

Along with your choice of business phone systems, comes the choice of business landlines. You have to sit with your telecoms provider regarding the best set-up considering your business needs and requirements.

Business Mobile Phones

Aside from business landlines, you will also need business mobile phones. They are an essential part of any business phone system; make sure you look for the best business deal that will offer you the mobile deals and handsets for your business.

Business Broadband

Speed and download allowances are two main considerations you have to bear in mind when selecting an internet plan for your business. Check with your service provider regarding the best broadband bundles they can offer your business.

Multi-site Locations

Should you be a company that operates from more than one business office, there are many benefits to networking your telephone system, so that they work and function as one whole system. This way you never lose any important call, especially if the other line is unable to answer, or one branch is busy. It is important for your customers that they can reach you as soon as they wanted to.

Here are the main benefits of a good business phone system:

  1. Centralised operators
  2. Set-up of hunt groups in various locations
  3. FORC inter-site phone calls
  4. DECT cordless roaming between various sites
  5. Staff at various locations with centralized or shared functionality, like extension status, calls forwarding, call transfers, call diversion, and call back, and more.

VoIP or Voice Over Internet Protocol

VoIP is a technology that converts all traditional speech into data packets, so you can send the call over your LAN in the form of IP connections thru WAN or ADSL.

The Main benefits of VOIP

Running voice and data over one network and in the office to save additional resources that are required to run on a data network, and a voice network helps you save tons on overheads.

Connecting your business phone systems together using IP connections like the company WAN or IP/VPN will surely benefit you in terms of costs and will make communications as well as any business collaboration an efficient business practice.

With VoIP, you allow a remote worker to stay in constant contact with the office even if he or she is working from another location using a standard ADSL connection.

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