Things Small Business Entrepreneurs Must Consider When Looking For The Right Business Landline For Their Business

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So, you are a small business owner who wants to set up a brand new business landline for your enterprise, however you are not certain what to do and where to begin. Our quick guide here will help you determine the right business landline provider for your organization.

Finding Cheap Business Landline Prices

First of all, as a business owner you are looking for something practical and useful for your business when it comes to business landlines. So, your first consideration is the price.

It is great to know that business landlines often offer better value than domestic or residential landlines. If you think you are saving your business some money by holding on to your residential landline, you must think again!

A regular business landline package may be comprised with numerous distinct features, meaning the cost of your package will have to depend entirely on the features you will actually use and will be need for your business.

Below, we have a quick overview of the various types of features that may be included with your standard business landline package.

Business Landline Line Rental

The majority of business landline deals come with a line rental fee built in. Line rental is the fee you will have to pay the telecoms to make use of their phone cables. Business landline rate vary depending on the exact level of service that your enterprise will require.

Types of Business Landlines

Many business landline providers offer a wide spectrum of landline. These can be one of the following:

  1. ISDN2e

The ISDN2e is a single landline, and a high quality digital line that makes use of several channels for voice, video, faxing or data. If you are a huge business organization, you can add additional circuits to your installation, allowing you to have a number of connections working at the same time. This business landline allows you to allocate separate phone numbers to your users.

  1. ISDN30

The ISDN30 is typically preferred by big organizations, because they support about 9-30 channels with all the many features of ISDN2e.

  1. Single Analog Lines

The single analog line is mainly used for making calls, receiving broadband, as well as connecting to fax machine equipments at the office.

  1. Multi Line Analog

The multi line analog will offer you extra lines from where you can receive a call. If a certain call goes through and the first call is active, the call will simply be rerouted to the second available line.

Multiple Business Landlines

For those who run a business that requires more than one landline, you may rent as many lines as you will need from your trusted business landline provider. Basically, the more lines you rent, the cheaper the cost will be for each line.

Phone Call Costs

Various business landline deals come with varying call charges. Call costs are often split into several categories, which are:

  1. Local Calls

Your local calls include all calls to numbers within the same dialing code as your phone number and all number included within the dialing codes for areas that come within the borders of your geographical location.

  1. National Calls

National calls refer to all calls that are made outside of the coverage of ‘local’ calls.

  1. International Calls

International calls cover all calls made outside UK.

  1. Mobile Calls

Mobile calls are calls that are made to mobile numbers that are based in the UK.

  1. Peak Calls

 Peak calls are calls made within the times when call volumes are deemed the highest. Peak calls are most likely charged the higher rates.

  1. Off Peak Calls

You make off peak calls when you make any specific call outside of peak hours. Off peak calls are typically charged a much lower rate.

  1. 0800, 0808 and 05 Calls

Calls made to these number sequences which are considered ‘Free Phones’ does not cost you anything.

  1. 0870, 0871, 0872 & 0873 Calls

Calls to these numbers are rendered chargeable numbers, which are most often utilized by major businesses.

As you decide on your business landline call plan, you have to consider the numbers you are most likely to call, especially if you will make high volumes of calls to specific numbers or contacts. After which you are able to customize your package to allow for more discounts on the call types that you are most likely to make often in your business.

Business Landline Call Plans

Business landline call plans are packaged by most business landline providers. For instance, a typical business call plan may consist of; line rental, free off-peak calls to particular numbers, and 500 free minutes to mobile phone numbers. That is the main reason why it is crucial that you consider the kind of calls you will be making on a regular basis, so you will get the best bang for your buck.

Take for example if you make a great number of calls to business abroad, then you should look for a deal that will help you achieve this at a cost that will not create a huge dent on your pocket.

This kind of package can provide substantial rebates for your international call charges, but you can also avail of deals like an unlimited free local call bundle if you must contact your customers who live nearby on a regular basis.

Getting Your Own Business Numbers

For those who are setting up their business landlines, you may want to try setting up a specific, easy to recall phone number series for your valued customers.

Business landline providers will surely provide you with a wide array of alternatives depending on how you want to charge your customers, providing your business a professional business landline number is always a sound business practice.

For businesses whether big or small, the cheapest pricing will always be one of the most enticing factor that will help them in their final determination of a suitable business landline provider for their business.

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