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choosing business landline

So, you have finally made up your mind and you plan to switch to a brand new business line. But, you are not entirely sure where exactly to start. Here are our tips in choosing your brand new business landline provider or contract.

Business landline packages may come in various numerous looks and features, which simply means that the cost of your business landline package will have to depend much on the features you need for your business.

Let us help you run through these various types of features that can be included with your business landline package.

Business Landline Line Rental

You may not know it, but almost all business landline contracts will definitely come with a line rental fee. Lime rental fee is not often mentioned, but it is the charge you have pay to the telco for the use of their phone cables. This fee will extensively vary depending on the level of service your business organization will require.

Kinds of Business Landline

If you have done your homework, you will find out that there are different kinds of business landlines. There are many business suppliers that provide a wide array of various kinds of business landline. These can include one of the following:

  1. ISDN2e

ISDN2e is a singly yet high quality digital landline that utilizes several channels for video, voice, faxing or data. You may add more circuits to your installation which will allow you to have a number of connections running at the same time. With ISDN2e you can allocate separate phone number for your users.

  1. ISDN30

The ISDN30 line is often used by substantially big companies, because they use to support eight to 30 channels and comes with all the features found in ISDN2e lines.

  1. Single Analogue Lines

The single analogue lines are usually used for making calls, connected to fax machines, and are receiving broadband connections.

  1. Multi Line Analogue Lines

This kind of line will provide your business with additional lines from where you can receive a call. Should a call happen to come through and the first line is engaged, the call will then be simply rerouted to your second business line so you will not miss any important business call.

Multiple Business Landline Lines

If you operate an enterprise that needs more than one business landline, you may rent as many lines as you will need from your business provider. Oftentimes, the more lines you get, the cheaper your costs will be for each line.

Business Landline Call Charges

Several business landline packages will come with packaged with different call charges and fees. Call charges are often split into different categories, such as:

  • Local Calls

These calls comprise of calls made to numbers with the same dialing code as your phone number.

  • National Calls

This type of call includes all calls to numbers that are outside the dialing code of your telephone number.

  • International Calls

International calls refer to calls that are made outside the UK.

  • Mobile Calls

Mobile calls as the name suggest are calls made to mobile numbers within the UK.

0870, 0871, 0872 & 0873 Calls

Calls made to these numbers are all chargeable numbers, they are not typically used by most businesses.

0800, 0808 and 05 Calls

Calls made to these numbers are treated absolutely free, as these are called Freephone number and will not cost you any charges to dial.

  • Peak Calls

Peak calls are calls made within calling times when the volumes of call are at their peak or the highest. It often covers time sometime around 6pm to 7am. You have to remember that calls made at peak hours are charged the highest rates.

  • Off Peak Calls

Calls made outside of the so-called peak hours. Off peak calls are often charged the lowest call rates possible.

Business Landline Call Plans

A lot of landline business call plans are packages made by many landline service providers. For instance, a call plan may include – line rental, some free minutes to mobile numbers, and even free off peak calls to certain local numbers. This is exactly why it is essential to consider the types of calls you make on a regular basis on your business to avoid exorbitant call charges.

Help and Support

For most businesses, the cheapest price will be the main determining factor in finding the right business landline provider. However, for others, the level of after sales or technical support they receive is very critical.

Overall, business landline packages offer the highest possible customer support compared to non-commercial landline accounts. Business providers understand that breakdowns might damage the general revenue for businesses and seek to amend issues as quickly as possible, but then again, as with any service providers out there, there are still different levels of support that is available for all.

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