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Do you even recall the last time you used a landline? Does your enterprise offer sound business landline solutions? For many people living in the UK today, landline phones are merely a way for them to get internet into their households, that way they can talk to their loved ones from a plethora of voice as well as video calling apps online.

For most people, they treat the landline as a dejected device that’s often left unused in the corner of their homes. For many British households, the landline is installed by established telecoms like BT that offer high quality business landline solutions and charges a landline rental fee on top of their monthly broadband internet bill.

UK Broadband, an established business landline solutions company in the UK which is said to disrupt BT’s UK business, said that people from London waste some £193 million each year on landline tax, including unwarranted landline rental fees and exorbitant installation charges. They even further said that about 47% percent of residents in central London would like to have broadband without a landline.

Uk Broadband even commissioned the data from the economic research company called CEBR or Centre for Economics and Business Research. Where they were able to establish that over one third of Central London’s population say they hardly make use of their home landlines for voice calls.

Earlier it was reported that UK Broadband will soon launch a mobile broadband service in London and that they were even reported to have their very own cellular network infrastructure that will help the needs of their many prospective customers. UK Broadband claims that their service will best appeal to renters, transients, students, and young professionals who want to avail of a contract free service.

BT concedes to the fact that the landline phone market is fast dwindling its ‘glow’ and magic in the face of the stringent broadband competition from fiber as well as other cable providers. That explains why they are planning at rolling out fiber to the public soon.

If you are still finding landlines practical and useful for your business; good for you because an effective business landline solutions is sure to go a long way and will remain beneficial for any business organization.

In case you have missed it, here are the major benefits of a landline:
  • Offers security in any emergency situation coupled with highly reliable communications.
  • Provides you superior sound quality and voice clarity.
  • Functions even during an electrical outage.
  • Gets rid of the need to charge batteries.
  • Give your business access to unlimited local calling.
  • Never drops any important calls.
  • Can’t be hacked or tampered with.

Business landline solutions are best during emergencies, especially in times when you needed them the most. They are dynamic and flexible, always on, and everyone knows exactly how to use them. The only drawback we see is the fact that you will be paying a monthly fee for the convenience of having all the benefits stated above.

For those on a shoe string budget and they seldom receive any phone calls on their landlines, then it might be worth considering cutting the cord on your landlines. But if you still find a good use for it, then, do not cut the cord yet. Leave your account active and for sure you will find a very good use for it later on.

The convergence of a fixed line broadband and mobile technology is sure to meet the significant growth in data demand and because of this; business landline solutions will definitely not be going away any sooner just yet.

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