Will Your Home Business Still Benefit From A Business Landline?

Business Landline

Woman-Broadband (1)Mobile and communications technology is changing too fast, and many home based entrepreneurs do not fully comprehend what they have to do to in order to optimise their businesses with the aid of a business landline and a reliable internet service. But if you have these tools, you can easily grow your business in no time. Nevertheless, many home based business owners have suffered from their feat of neglecting having their very own business landline which worked to their detriment most of the time.

If you are planning on establishing your very own home based business you must think about the telecommunications aspect of your business. You have to get it right and here’s what you should think about:

The Demise of The Business Landline

With the influx of mobile phones, gone are the days when business landline telephones are a considered a must for any entrepreneur. It was even previously forecasted that the prevalence of mobile phones will result to the demise of landline phone because of the heightened flexibility provided by mobile phones.

Many entrepreneurs predict that the average user will soon ditch their business landline service subscription to save money when mobile phones have became so inexpensive and an effective way to get rid of additional costs. But the reality has proven otherwise.

Despite the fact that there has been a significant drop in the number of fixed business landlines in the UK today, now averaging approximately 23.7 million as per Ofcom survey by the end of 2010, the number of individuals has both a landline as well as a mobile contract which is far greater than what they have previously anticipated.

You might ask; why there are so many people who still end up paying for their business landline connections?

Well, there are several valid reasons.

Top Reasons For Keeping Your Trusted Business Landline

One of the most important reasons is the fact that while mobile services have indeed improved since its introduction, they are nonetheless far from being perfect.

Even though the coverage on existing prominent mobile networks is vast, no network provides 100% total coverage of the UK. There are still some areas, which are regarded as dead spots, with little to no 3G coverage whatsoever.

For most people, especially businesses that are operating at home and are living in these areas, there really is no apparent replacement for an ‘old trusty’ business landline connection.

The VoIP Business Landline

You can also consider getting a VoIP landline to become an eclectic home-based business. Remember that a sound business practice does not include using your home phone number for your business. This does not seem professional. You will need a business landline and one of your best options is a VoIP business landline.

Try subscribing to a Skype service that will not cost you an arm or a leg, save in the cases where you have to make outgoing calls to mobile or another business landline which will definitely cost you but not as much when compared to mobile phones.

One great reason to keep your business landline connection is to get rid of excessive charges from mobile phone operators for various other services. Some mobile phone carriers will charge you for simply receiving voicemail messages,  a service which is often free if you have a landline handset that comes with an answer phone capability.

Even more disappointing are the charges from mobile phone carriers for calling 0870 or 0845 phone numbers.

Many entrepreneurs find these pretty exorbitant, and this has been a recurring problem for many students in the UK who return to the university only to find out that their payments to some loans have not been received. With several providers easily charging 20p per minute or more, the costs can easily accumulate and get big.

Among other factors that can shun away entrepreneurs from using mobiles for their businesses is battery life, costs of calls per minute, etc. Not to mention the fact that with a business landline account, you get the chance to list your business number in the telephone directory for free, so customers can easily locate you if they have some important questions or inquiries regarding your products or services. For instance, some business may want to be reachable 24/7 because of the nature of their business and a business landline can very well serve this purpose.

Mobile phone numbers may seem less formal and ‘un-professional’ for many customers plus, the fact that they are not reliable. Having a business landline as back up communications device can prove practical and invaluable in cases when an extremely important call has to be made and battery life is at the brink of extinction.

Lastly, the per minute charges for making calls from a business landline is much cheaper than the cost of making calls from a mobile device. Check with your business landline provider to ensure that there are no surprises or hidden charges when you get hold of your business landline bill.

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